Fence Repair in Corpus Christi, TX

When our fences start to go bad or we just want to get a new look, which company can the residents depend on to provide the coastal city of Corpus Christi, Texas with fence repair services? There are a few companies that operate in that specialization of fences for the city of Corpus Christi, Texas. The beauty with most of these companies is that their services are usually available by the touch of a dial, not to mention these services may be accessed round the clock.

Additionally, these companies have ensured that over the years, they have excelled in better customer relations with their excellent and professional services that usually come at fairly less fee compared to other companies of equal standing. Let us look at some of the notable fence repair companies in Corpus Christi, TX.



S and J Fence Company

These guys have been building fences for almost thirty years and still going strong. Using a range of different materials for fences this company builds for residential, commercial and farming purposes. Want to know how much the work is going to cost? Use their online estimator for free, a project gallery is also provided if you are not yet sure of the style you want to use for your project. Rated number one along the coast, the Corpus Christi fence experts!

Link: http://www.sjfenceco.com/

D and C Fence Company

A little younger in the business having only twenty three years under the belt, this company also serves the residence of the South Texas city to build and repair fences. Rated as the Best of the Best for 2014, D and C Fence Company also caters to industrial as well as commercial needs. A quote can also be requested if you want to plan on a budget.

Link: http://www.dcfence.com/?gclid=CjwKEAjw6sC5BRCogcaY_dKZ2nESJABsZihx-iNHr4216E7hygkXy0zMRm7Touk3ML-Jfu70x5LfjRoCqTTw_wcBHenry’s


Henry’s Fence Company

Also catering to your fencing needs is Henry’s Fencing, opening from Monday to Saturday this company will help you to customize your dream fence exactly as you want it. These guys are always looking for ways to make better and more personalized fences to fit your likes and needs. Same as the companies mentioned before, they also do large scale work for your business or farm. Contact them by phone or email to receive a quote for job prices.


Click on the link below each company to visit their websites for further information. This is not an all inclusive list as you can also find an individual handyman to assist you with simple fence repairs; these are the big companies that are guaranteed to give you a high quality and professional job. The next time you look at that hole in the fence that has been allowing Mr. Brown’s dog to leave you a gift on your lawn, you can rest easy knowing there are people out there ready to assist you in your moment of fence troubles!